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Williams, Douglas & Associates, Inc. specializes in auto, home, business, and life insurance.

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The goal of this web site is to provide you with a quick and convenient place to find the information you need to manage your insurance program. Our Agency and staff are dedicated to helping our clients and prospective clients educate themselves on how each policyholder fits into the states insurance system. The state’s insurance system is designed to help the residents of Michigan protect their assets through a method of risk transfer. Purchasing an insurance policy is the most common way to transfer your risk of loss to an insurance company.

I often have conversations with clients who think that the insurance company has singled them out for some sort of adverse action associated with their insurance coverage. The insurance industry will not single out an individual policy holder for adverse action unless there has been a change in the policyholder’s risk profile. ie a speeding ticket, an at-fault accident, or a maintenance condition around a home or business that would increase the likelihood of a loss under the insurance policy. An insurance company’s underwriting rules are applied to all policyholders in the same way. For example if a homeowner installs a wood burning stove that is not installed by a licensed contractor and not inspected by the local building department the risk would be ineligible for coverage under the insurer’s program. This rule would apply to all homeowners policies issued by the company. Policyholders are obligated to notify the insurance company of any changes during the policy period. This is one reason you want to work with an agent. You can easily notify your agent who will in- turn update your insurance policy with the insurance company.

As your Insurance agent it is my personal goal and pledge to help each insurance consumer understand why we need to transfer personal or business risk to an insurance company, and help you understand the process and how that process will benefit your family if an accident were to happen to you or a family member. Our licensed agents will spend as much time with you as needed; to help explain the insurance concepts so you will have an above average grasp of the insurance policies you are shopping for. Policyholders should consider that purchasing your insurance policies is only the first step in your risk management program. Working with a knowledgeable and dedicated agent to keep the policies up to date over the years is vital to protecting your family.

Insurance is a very detail oriented business; the insurance company will require and expect honest and accurate information about each policy holder in order to make an underwriting decision. As your agent we will help you record the details on the various insurance applications which are then submitted to the various insurers. Once a policy is issued we can help you manage the insurance policies from year to year. In order to accomplish this our agency has an open communication policy with our clients. This means that our clients are welcome to communicate with us at anytime; day or night 24 hours a day. Our door is always open so to speak; and the goal is to build a relationship with each client that fosters good faith honest communications and friendship.

Our state’s insurance system is in place to help residents recover after major events that could otherwise devastate our communities. We feel it’s very important that agents and policyholders understand our state’s insurance system and that each person is open and honest in their dealings with the insurance system as a whole. A policy holder that acts in a prudent manner; is open and honest about its risk will normally never have a problem with their insurance carrier.

Please look under the policy service tab and click on insurance resources for some good links to insurance related websites.

Our agency has the ability to process all of your transactions remotely by TEXTING or E-Mailing your changes to:

For TEXT messages: 989-965-0308

For E-Mail messages :

For new policy quoting please use the “Get a Quote” function on this website. The information is sent directly to my secure email. I will then contact you with any additional questions to complete your quotes.

Thank you for taking the time to review our website, and we hope to see you in the office soon.


Doug Williams
Doug Williams
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